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Welcome to the Overley-Worman Park open house!

The Zionsville Park and Recreation Board is excited to share the progress and plans for the Overley-Worman Park project with you. Prior to COVID-19 the Park Board had planned to host an open house to share details for the upcoming park project.  Due to the restrictions needed to keep everyone safe, we will instead host the open house in this virtual format.

How to Use the Virtual Open House

This website is organized around a combination of videos, graphics, text and questions that describe the project background, present the project plan and details, and discusses the planned schedule for project construction. We thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

The overall experience is expected to take approximately 20-25 minutes.  If at any point you experience technical difficulties or would prefer a paper copy of the material, you can use this comment form to request assistance or to have a paper copy available at the Planning Department located in Town Hall, 1100 West Oak Street.

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Project History

In spring of 2017 the Park and Recreation Board completed the master plan process to guide the future development of Overley-Worman Park.

Overley-Worman Park is located between the Vonterra Subdivision, Eagle Creek and the future extension of the Big-4 Rail Trail.  The park includes approximately 47 acres of woodland, hills covered with brush and trees, a pond, and is partially bisected by Crazy Creek which drains to Eagle Creek. The name “Overley-Worman Park” comes from the previous owners of the property who owned the property for a number of years.  The park property was a donation to the Park Board from Lennar Indianapolis, the developers for the Vonterra subdivision.

  • Previously used for sand and gravel quarry purposes
  • “Clean” fill material brought on site including stone, sand, gravel, rock and concrete remnants
  • Fill material has created mounds or hills covered with scrub brush and trees
  • Park property includes a pond with fish
  • Large portion of the site is located in Eagle Creek floodplain
  • Will compliment the natural environment of Starkey Nature Park
  • Mountain bike trails and other multi-use trails in Overley-Worman Park will provide a more appropriate location for higher intensity uses that should not be occurring in Starkey Nature Park
  • The park plan was created from a community-driven 3-day charrette process
Click on the “Project Background” tab on the top menu to find more information from the master plan process

Park Layout and Details

Overley-Worman Park will be a Town asset with both active and passive recreational activities.  The park will compliment the existing parks system by providing more options for high-demand activities like playgrounds and pathways while also creating new amenities like mountain bike trails and a disc golf course.

The site rendering illustrates the features that will be included in the park.  These features include:

  • 3 entry points from the future Big-4 Rail Trail south extension including a pathway along the railroad bed embankment, a handicap accessible ramp, and an entry bridge with overlook plaza
  • Mountain bike trails for varying skill levels
  • Multi-use paved pathway providing a handicap accessible route from the Big-4 Rail Trail to the playground and shelter area
  • Boardwalk around the existing pond with handicap accessible fishing pier
  • Multi-use rustic trails throughout park
  • Playground area with separate play areas for children 2-5 years old and children 6-12 years old
  • Parking lot with convenient access to playground and shelter area
  • 9-hole disc golf course
  • Native plantings and reforestation

Once complete, the Overley-Worman Park will add to the great parks system available in Zionsville.  The park is planned to be open by late 2021 to early 2022.  More information about construction of the park can be found on the next page of this Virtual Open House.

Which park feature are you most excited to see?

If the park were to expand in the future what additional features would you like to see?

Would you like to see a pedestrian and bicycle connection from the park to Starkey Nature Park?

As the park continues to grow, would you prefer to see more amenities added or additional reforestation and native plantings?

Park Construction

Every construction project progresses differently depending on the land, park design, funding, and coordination with other nearby projects.  In general, construction projects follow the same basic process, although sometimes sequencing of the construction occurs differently.  The basic phases of construction include:

  • Site Demolition & Clearing
  • Earth Moving & Grading
  • Construction of Infrastructure and Park Features
  • Final Grading and Finishing
  • Plantings

There are many questions regarding the timing for construction of Overley-Worman Park.  The Town is currently working with the design consultant to prepare bid documents and will have the project ready for contractors to bid by this fall.

Once construction is finished, inspected, and approved the park will be ready for the public to enjoy.  The park is planned to be complete by late 2021 to early 2022. 

Are there specific questions that you have regarding construction of the park?

General Questions

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Do you have any other information, comments, or suggestions to share with the Town and consultant team? (optional)

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